We specialise in working with new and experienced managers who are at career transition points or simply want to investigate how to identify and leverage their strengths.


The coaching approaches we most commonly use are transformational or developmental coaching and skills coaching.

Skills coaching

Skills coaching refers to coaching that is aimed at developing or improving work-related skills. The purpose of skills coaching is to build capability, rather than achieve particular work-related targets. While skills coaching can be conducted as a stand-alone intervention (e.g. following a training course), it can also be a subset of wider coaching intervention.

Developmental coaching

Developmental coaching focuses on the intrapersonal development needed to meet complex challenges. It is aimed at developing increasingly complex levels of self-awareness, emotional regulation, and cognitive understanding as the foundation for decision-making and action. It is aimed at enhancing the coaching counterpart‘s ability to meet current and future challenges more effectively via the development of more complex understanding of the self, others and the systems in which the coaching counterpart is involved.

Coaching and facilitation methodology

We draw on adult learning theory, positive psychology and solutions-focused theories in our coaching and facilitation work.